200923 IG Square Six Key Types of Homebuyers and How to Target Them

Six Key Types of Homebuyers and How to Target Them

Want to fast-track your property sale by getting your marketing just right?


Then spend some time thinking about the type of buyer most likely to fall in love with your home, and ensure you target them.


Once you’ve identified the type (or types) of buyers looking for a property like yours, you can tailor your presentation and marketing accordingly.


First-time buyers– As the name suggests, buyers in this group are making their first property purchase and are chain-free (which can be an appealing … Continue Reading…

180923 Rent or Sell The Homeowner’s Dilemma

Why It Could Be Better to Rent Out Your Property Rather Than Sell

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a financial position where you can rent out your home instead of selling it, should you take the leap?


After all, if you don’t need to sell to fund your next move, renting your property is an option worth exploring.


Here, we explore the dilemma of renting out a property instead of selling.




As we all know, property sales can take time. There are lots of hoops to jump through and boxes to tick before you … Continue Reading…

110923 The Golden Rules of Setting Your Monthly Rent

The Golden Rules of Setting Your Monthly Rent

If you’re a first-time landlord about to rent out a property, or an established landlord looking to purchase a new investment, one of the main questions you’ll have is how much rent you can charge per month.


Of course, you can (and should) take the advice of your agent, but it’s also worth understanding exactly what factors impact the amount of rent you can sensibly charge.


In this quick read, we explore the factors you need to consider before pricing your rental … Continue Reading…

130923 Property Negotiations Tips to Help You Seal a Successful Deal

Property Negotiations: Tips to Help You Seal a Successful Deal

When it comes to preparing for a property sale, most sellers focus on the early stage of the process: sprucing up their home and choosing an agent to manage the marketing.


But there’s another element to nailing a successful property deal that gets less attention but is just as critical: negotiating the sale.


How do you know when to accept an offer and when to hold out for more? And what should your strategy be if you have more than one offer … Continue Reading…

060923 Six Must-Ask Questions for Couples Buying a Property Together

Six Things to Ask Your Partner Before You Start Your Property Search

Buying a property with a partner can be an exciting next step in a relationship.

Swapping paying rent or living with family for cosy nights with your beloved in your own home can be a blissful prospect.

But before you arrange a series of viewings in a giddy rush of excitement, it’s worth sitting down and talking a few things through with your partner.

Purchasing a property is a huge commitment, yet most couples spend more time planning a holiday (7.8 hours) than … Continue Reading…

040923 Why Property Inspections Could Save You Money

Why Property Inspections Could Save You Money

As a landlord, you’ve probably experienced that feeling of dread when your tenant’s name flashes up on your phone, reporting a problem.

Or how about the horror of receiving the news that you’re going to have to pay for urgent (and expensive) repairs?

If either of these situations sound familiar, it could mean you’re not inspecting your rentals enough.

Being a landlord isn’t just about buying a property and raking in the rent. It’s a difficult job that requires attention to detail, making … Continue Reading…

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End of summer update

As we move into the last few weeks of summer, we hope that September will bring more activity to the market.  August has been one of the quietest for a number of years with many people concentrating on holidays rather than houses. Traditionally when the schools return after the break, people fall back into the routine of life and normality resumes.

This summer the housing market has been hindered by the dramatic interest rate rises over the past 20 months. Although … Continue Reading…

300823 Act Now to Celebrate Christmas in Your New Home

Want to Celebrate Christmas in Your New Home? Then Act Now

Unless you’re one of those super-organised types who spend the year secretly buying stocking fillers and stashing them under your bed, Christmas is probably the last thing on your mind right now.

And why should it be? It’s summer, the schools are shut (for a few more days at least), and you still have months to dust off your reindeer antlers and Yuletide jumper.

But there is one reason why it may be worth thinking ahead to Christmas.

If you have plans to … Continue Reading…

280823 Should You Invest in a Turnkey Buy-to-Let or a Renovation Project

Should You Invest in a Turnkey Buy-to-Let or a Renovation Project?

Whether you’re an established landlord or a first-time investor, you’ll probably be thinking about what to buy: a ready-to-go rental or a doer-upper. Which one should you pick?

Currently, lots of changes are being made around rental rules, and reports claim that many landlords are selling up. However, there are still plenty of investors making their move into the rental space. And with the UK facing a possible decline in house prices, now may be the right time for you.

But what … Continue Reading…

230823 What Is Next-Door Syndrome and Could It Affect Your Property Sale

What Is Next-Door Syndrome and Could It Affect Your Property Sale?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been a nosy neighbour at some point, haven’t we?

A ‘for sale’ sign goes up on a property in your street, and within minutes you’re online to find out what it’s on the market for.

Soon enough, you’re marvelling or shuddering at your neighbour’s taste in décor and deciding that your home is bigger, smaller, smarter or scruffier than theirs.

There’s nothing wrong with this; in fact, if you plan to sell up yourself, it’s useful market research. … Continue Reading…