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Landlords : We Need you!

A recent survey conducted by Home Sale Network amongst its members indicates that rental properties are in short supply, whilst the number of potential tenants in the market is rising.

The majority of survey respondents reported up to a 10% decline over the last six months in the number of rental properties available on the market. A further quarter of members reported up to a 20% decline in stock levels.

Interestingly, whilst the number of rental properties available on the market appears to be depleting, during the same period nearly half of surveyed Network members saw up to a 20% increase in the number of potential tenants.

As a national network of specially selected independent estate agents across England, Scotland and Wales, many Home Sale Network members like us have active rental departments and are able to provide a good indication of the current rental market trends.

With the reported decline in available properties to rent, we encourage anyone who has a property to let to contact us today.

Through our membership with Home Sale Network, we have access to potential tenants moving into the Wellingborough and Irthlingborough areas, providing an additional avenue to our local landlords at no extra cost. So whether you are an experienced buy-to-let investor or have one property to let, get in touch.

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