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Thinking of Selling? Contact The Local Expert

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Detached? Semi-detached? Maybe a terraced house? And then there’s the question of how many bedrooms. A recent survey conducted by Relocation Agent Network asked its estate agent members which properties are currently the most sought-after by homebuyers – a good indication for potential home sellers wanting to enter the market.
According to Relocation Agent Network, over 60% of estate agents surveyed said that semi-detached houses are by far the most sought-after amongst buyers. The next most popular are terraced houses, with nearly a fifth of Network agents indicating so. When asked what property sizes are most in demand, the vast majority of respondents (80%) said it was three bedroom properties.

Network members also report improvements in the property market, with 80% of respondents having sold more properties in the last two months compared to the same time last year. When considering Relocation Agent Network’s findings, it would appear that more sellers are needed to meet demand.

Whether you’ve got a one or five bedroom property, terraced or detached, we are Relocation Agent Network’s appointed Local Expert in and have the expertise to guide our customers through the selling process.

Our Network membership also means that we have access to potential out of town buyers moving into the area, providing an additional avenue for you to sell your home. Visit for more information on what our Network membership really means or contact us directly .

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