Monthly Archives: September 2013

Still going strong after 22 years!!






Richard James this week completed 22 years in business; from humble beginnings the business as grown to become one of the most recognized businesses in the local area. Directors Richard Fowler and James Rota originally formed the company in 1991 after working for other estate agents in the area and took the view they could do things differently and better on their own.

Two of the key ingredients to the success of the business over the years have been quality marketing … Continue Reading…

Good News for Buyers and Sellers!






This year, reports in the news have begun to indicate signs of a recovery in the UK housing market. And our membership organisation, Relocation Agent Network has added to this good news with the publication of their September Property Survey.

When asking their members whether they think that current market levels will improve in the last quarter of 2013, 79% of respondents said that it would. So is this positive prediction one for buyers or sellers? Well according to over half … Continue Reading…