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Some of the most common hurdles to overcome when selling.

Clear-the-obstacles1[1]Below is a brief list of some of the most common issues that sellers need to resolve after accepting an offer. Best advice is to try and address some of these before placing your property on the market.

1. If a boiler has been installed in recent years, the purchasers solicitor may want a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. This is to prove the boiler has been installed in accordance with the manufacturers specification and Building Regulations of the day.

2. If a wall has been removed or a structural alteration has been made. A Building Regulation Completion Certificate may be required.

3. If electrical works or an electric shower has been installed. An electrical installation certificate may be required.

4. If windows or doors that have been replaced you should have a FENSA certificate or equivalent certificate, to proof the standard of product and correct installation.

5. Some conservatories may need Building Regulation approval, especially if the property has already been extended, the floor area exceeds 30m sq, the external doors from the main house have been removed or the heating is part of the main house heating system.

6. If previous damp proofing or timber treatment works have been completed, a guarantee along with a plan or specification of works may be required.

7. If your property has had structural rectification or underpinning works previously, advise your estate agent at the point of putting it on the market so all potential buyers can be made aware. This will help when placing the buyer’s mortgage and when obtaining insurance.

8. If you have Solar Panels, please provide all the information to the estate agent up front. Some panels are owned, some are renting your roof space and others will be part of a scheme, such as Green Deal.

If you require advice or guidance on any of the above please talk to one of our trained staff at point of the property appraisal.

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