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What are the most popular properties and areas to live in?

RAN_4col_block_stackedAre you selling an in-demand property-type?

Are you looking for a home in a sought-after area? According to a recent Relocation Agent Network survey, the type of property and area that buyers are looking for homes has remained largely unchanged when compared to five years ago.

Popular Properties
Taken amongst Relocation Agent Network members across England, Scotland and Wales (including us), the survey not only found that two to three bedroom houses were the most in demand in 2015, but they were the most sought-after property in 2010 too.

City Centre Vs. Suburbs
The most popular area-types also remained relatively unchanged over the last five years, with town/city centres and suburban areas taking first and second place for 2010 and 2015. Interestingly however, suburban living was most in demand in 2010, but moved to second place in 2015, with properties in town/city centres taking the top spot.

Thinking of selling?
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