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Selling Your House? Don’t Wait for the New Year!

new-home-in-spring-texas-for-christmas1RAN_4col_block_stackedIf you’re thinking of entering the property market, our advice is don’t wait until the New Year! Many think that buyers stop looking at houses during the Christmas period but actually, from our experience, this is the time when people go online to search for a new home. What the Experts Say 92% of Relocation Agent Network member estate agents, who responded to a December survey, recommend that prospective sellers go to market before the Christmas break. The key reasons identified from the survey were: 1. There’s an increase in the number of people visiting online property websites during this time (as suggested by 50% of survey respondents). So once the dinner has been eaten and the tin of chocolates is being passed around, lots of people spend their time searching online for their dream home. 2. Serious house hunters continue their search over the Christmas period (47% of survey respondents). Don’t miss out on these group of home buyers by waiting until January 2017. Who Are Relocation Agent Network? A national network of estate agents, Relocation Agent Network is well placed to comment on all-things-property. Each of their members (including Richard James) has been handpicked and specially invited to join, after thorough checks identify them as the best estate agent to represent the Network in their local area. Thinking of Selling? As a selected member of Relocation Agent Network, we’ve already proven that our customer service is deemed to be the best in Wellingborough, Irthlingborough and Rushden (in the Network’s opinion). But if that isn’t enough, through our membership, we can offer sellers a completely unique channel of buyer that no other estate agent in local area can provide. Visit to find out more.

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Better on The Big Screen – Can You Help?

screensInnovation in estate agency is evolving rapidly, and the use of certain technologies is enabling agents to offer added value to customers.

As you may have noticed, our offices are now sporting impressive interactive touch screens that can display our clients’ properties to buyers more effectively than ever before. Gone are the days of the faded window card. It is size, movement, vibrancy and relevance that now catch the public’s attention.

Since installing the screens we have been amazed by the substantial increase in the number of people who not only stop to look into our windows, but who subsequently go on to arrange viewings of the properties displayed.

Of course, most people are not thinking of moving at the moment, but naturally have an interest in the local property market, and we always welcome those who simply want to “window-shop”. To this end, and having recognised our window screens’ marketing power, we are now planning to develop their use by adding various points of interest and community messages, for which we are seeking ideas. Perhaps you can help!

If, for example, you are involved with a local charity or school and you would like to promote a fund-raising event, we would be happy to feature an advert on the window screen between our property ads, without charge. Alternatively you might like to raise a local issue or see the news headlines, local weather forecast, sports results or theatre guide. There are numerous possibilities, so please let us know what you would like to see displayed.

You see, at Richard James, we look beyond the sale or purchase. We want to help our customers and other residents enjoy our community by making some small contribution wherever we can.

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