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Three members of staff become local Relocation Agent Specialists in top 10% of Network

Three members of the Richard James team, James Rota, Chris Wise and Amanda Smith have received an ‘Advanced’ assessment as their company’s Relocation Agent Specialists.

The 2017 assessment was awarded by Relocation Agent Network. It is achieved by going above and beyond in the relocation services individuals provide to relocating families moving either from or to the East Northants area as assessed by Relocation Agent Network based on performance results.

Only 10% of Relocation Agent Specialists from Relocation Agent Network across England, … Continue Reading…

Buy with a Friend to Make your Money go Further

In the second of our series about aspects of buying a property for the first time, here we consider the issue of buying with a friend.

When buying for the first time, affordability is inevitably a concern. Many people find that this can be overcome by purchasing with someone else. This certainly makes the money go further and also spreads both costs and risk.

However, no matter how well you get on with your co-owner, if one of you can’t meet your … Continue Reading…

Award Winner Attends International Real Estate Conference

Richard James, Relocation Agent Network member for Northamptonshire, has just returned from the Cartus Broker Network International Real Estate Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

This year’s event welcomed over 700 delegates, each participating in interactive workshops, roundtable discussions, networking opportunities and keynote speaker sessions. The event, taking place from 13 to 15 March, culminated in a prestigious platinum awards dinner for the top performing companies celebrating the past year’s successes.

Richard James attended the conference as part of their prize for winning the … Continue Reading…

First-time buyer Tips

As the average age of first-time buyers continues to rise – the latest figures suggest this is now 37, so the market is less driven from below, but by a complex combination of personal, local and national factors.

Yet even if you are in your 30’s, buying your first property can seem pretty scary! “Am I making the right decision?”, “Can we really afford this?”, “What if the market falls?”, “Should we have offered less?” are understandable questions.

So here are few … Continue Reading…

Financial Clout

One of the greatest frustrations in selling a property is delay. Delay not only causes anxiety, but also provides more time in which the buyer or seller can reconsider their position and withdraw from a purchase or sale.

As our objective is to help you move with minimal stress, it is essential that we are able to do everything in our power to speed up your sale.

Apart from keeping a keen eye on the progress of any related transactions, one of … Continue Reading…

Catch 22 –Should I Sell First or Buy?

Many who receive a good offer for their home turn it down because they have not yet found “the right property” and worry that they will in effect become homeless should they sell first (although we have never known this to happen!)

Of course the problem would become a self-fulfilling prophecy if everyone were to take this stance, and the entire market would grind to a halt. But in really it isn’t that bad and, whilst we don’t have a magic … Continue Reading…