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October 2018 – Market Comment

If anyone thinks that the confusing political shenanigans of the past few weeks have destabilised the property market, they’d be wrong. If anything, we are seeing more “lubrication” in the market, as sellers realise they’d be foolish to hang on for an overly ambitious sale price in the run-up to Christmas. This in turn has freed up the market, with more undecided sellers committing to moving, as there now appears to be more choice of properties available for sale. Indeed, … Continue Reading…

Relocation Agent Network and Land & New Homes Network Unveils New PX Partnership For House Builders

Relocation Agent Network and Land & New Homes Network have announced a collaborative referral partnership to support Land & New Homes Network’s part exchange and assisted move offering that will benefit house builders across Britain.

With the assistance of Relocation Agent Network members in areas where Land & New Homes Network doesn’t have member coverage, this new service will link leading independent estate agents, and enable developers to market part exchange and assisted move properties from any region – a move … Continue Reading…

Maximising Your Sale Prospects

The vast array of property-related TV programmes proliferating our screens is certainly an indication of our appetite for home improvement. Presumably this has something to do with pride of ownership and making the most out of “an Englishman’s home is his castle”.

However, once you come to sell, you may understandably be more focused on your next property than the one you are leaving. It is surprising how many properties we see offered for sale where the vendor has not taken … Continue Reading…

Why Use High Street Agents?

The third post in our blog series Why Use High Street Agents offers property sellers some what else to consider when selecting the right agent.

Richard Tucker, Managing Director of Relocation Agent Network, says:
“In the first two posts of this series, I highlighted some considerations for the marketing strategy and the progression of the sales process. I’d like to conclude this series by looking at what else makes a good agent in our opinion.

“High street presence means you can see how … Continue Reading…