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Richard James Joins Forces With Agents Across The UK, To Help Support Local Food Banks

We’re delighted to announce that we are participating in a nationwide event organised by Relocation Agent Network to collect at least 10,000 items of food (and other daily necessities) for local foodbanks.

Taking place between 13 and 20 June, the event – #RANFoodbank10k – will see Relocation Agent Network members across England, Scotland and Wales join forces to help tackle food poverty in the UK.

So if you have any spare food items or other vital supplies like toiletries, we invite you … Continue Reading…


Moving Day

We all know that moving can be stressful. Good estate agents, especially those who have moved house themselves, should be able to minimise this wherever possible by anticipating many of the needs of buyer and seller alike.

However, even though the seller has the same primary objective as the buyer, each plays a critical role in the stress of the other party and each has an important responsibility to the other. Whilst negotiations may have been tough, following exchange of contracts … Continue Reading…

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty originated in the 17th century when duty stamps could be purchased and attached to a transactional document to prove that any tax due on the transaction had been paid. Today, tax relating to the purchase of land is known as “Stamp Duty”, or, more correctly Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT).

There has in the past been some confusion as to whether the rate bands are applied once on the whole amount or incremental, ie escalating rates on successive portions. … Continue Reading…

Spring Market

May Market Comment

The pressure for a decisive Brexit result has clearly provided the country with a sigh of relief and a bit of breathing space – finally. Most people now realise that life goes on and whatever the eventual result, if there ever is one, it is probably more likely to affect their political sensitivities more than their actual pocket. This has been borne out by the increase in activity we have experienced over the past few weeks as we find ourselves … Continue Reading…