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2106 EACC Lifesycle 1000 x 524 How Landlords Can Avoid a Tenant Nightmare

How Landlords Can Avoid a Tenant Nightmare

New landlords often flirt with the idea of ditching traditional tenant selection processes and taking a DIY approach instead.

After all, there are so many ways to source tenants these days – like Gumtree or social media – why bother with anything else?

Trust us, side-stepping a formal selection process may seem like it might save you time, but it can be so much costlier in the long run.

Wind up with a bad tenant and you can expect:

Sleepless nights.
Sky-high legal bills.
Lost income.
Property … Continue Reading…

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Help to Buy Scheme: Pros and Cons

The Help to Buy scheme is a government-backed equity loan opportunity. It is also referred to as ‘shared equity’.

The scheme is currently only available on new build properties. The loan from the government is up to 20% of the purchase price (40% in Greater London). This means that you only need to raise a 5% deposit and get a 75% mortgage (55% in Greater London).

Let’s consider the benefits and downsides of using this option.


Although this can be called a ‘shared … Continue Reading…

1406 EACC Lifesycle 1000 x 524 The Benefits of Regular Property Inspections for Landlords

The Benefits of Regular Property Inspections For Rentals

When you’re a busy landlord juggling a multitude of responsibilities, it’s easy to let a crucial part of managing a property – regular inspections – slide.

Landlords usually carry out inspections with clockwork regularity at the start of a tenancy, but things can get a little lax over time.

Perhaps the tenant presents as a model citizen, and the landlord develops a false sense of security. (To which we say, remember Walter White, the unassuming science teacher turned crystal meth baron in … Continue Reading…

0906 EACC Lifesycle 1000 x 524 Five Reasons to Leave Property Viewings to the Experts

5 Top Tip For Sellers: Get an Agent to Take Care of Viewings

When it comes to selling a property, many people overlook the important role viewings play in the process.

They mistakenly believe that viewings are simply about opening doors and making sure would-be buyers don’t nick any valuables.

In fact, buyers share crucial information during viewings that can be helpful during negotiations and push up the final selling price.

Cutting corners on viewings – as many low-fee and online-only agents do by insisting the seller handles them – only chips away at the end … Continue Reading…

0206 EACC Lifesycle 1000 x 524 Top Tips for Improving Your Home’s Kerb Appeal (1)

Top Tips for Improving Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

HomeOwners Alliance survey showed that 68% of potential buyers felt a property’s kerb appeal influenced their decision. Use these quick and easy tips to help your potential buyers fall in love at first sight.

Pathways and driveways

If you access your main entrance via a pathway or over a driveway, make sure you give it some TLC.

Refresh gravel
Pressure wash to remove discolouration or slippery bits
Remove weeds

Top tip: Add solar lights along the route for added elegance.

Front façade

The front of your property is … Continue Reading…