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Advice on Choosing a Good Conveyancing Solicitor

Whether you instruct a conveyancer or a solicitor, they essentially do the same thing when it comes to dealing with a property transaction. The terms are often used interchangeably by people who aren’t working in the industry. This is the person who does the paperwork for you when you are buying or selling a property.

Cheap is rarely cheerful

You know the old adage: you can have fast, cheap, and good; but you can only have two at any one time. This … Continue Reading…

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Why We Should All Support Love Parks Week

Over the past year, parks have been a source of joy and solace for people across the UK, providing a welcome antidote to the pressures of pandemic life.

Locally, parks such as Irchester Country Park and Stanwick Lakes have been popular and helped keep us on an even keel during uncertain times.

Later this month, we’ll all have the chance to celebrate and support our favourite green spaces during Love Parks Week (23 July to 1 August).

The Keep Britain Tidy initiative encourages people … Continue Reading…

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How To Unpack.

If you are getting ready to complete on a new house, then you’ve no doubt read lots of advice about how to pack for your big move. But what nobody ever seems to tell you is how to unpack once you have arrived at your new home. For some, living with unpacked boxes for months becomes a reality. For others, it may take time to feel settled even though you have put everything where you think it belongs. Is there a way to get all your stuff out of the boxes … Continue Reading…

Tips for Getting a Good Mortgage Deal

For most people, a mortgage is the biggest loan they’ll take out in their lifetime so, understandably, they want to land the best deal.

But with hundreds of mortgage products on the market, it’s easy for homebuyers to feel overwhelmed or confused.

There’s a lot to consider, including:
• Interest rates (they’re currently low – but won’t be forever).
• The term (most mortgages last 25 years, but some can stretch to 40 years).
• Whether to go fixed (where the interest rate is set … Continue Reading…