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281122 Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Property Portfolio

The Five ‘Rs’ of Making the Most of Your Property Portfolio

A property portfolio is a great way to generate income and build yourself a tidy retirement nest egg. But there’s more to it than shaking hands with new tenants and waiting for the rent to roll in.

You need robust systems and a professional attitude to protect your investment and ensure you don’t wind up out of pocket or on the wrong side of the law.

To find out what it takes to manage several rental properties, read our guide, the Five … Continue Reading…

231122 Read This Before You Commit to Insulating Your Home

What Homeowners Should Know Before Insulating Their Property

Get it right, and insulation can add value to your home. Get it wrong, and it could be difficult to get a mortgage for your property. Read on to find out why.

With energy prices sky-high and global warming a pressing issue, many homeowners are looking to insulate their homes.

While there are many benefits associated with insulation, one issue you should consider before committing to work at your property relates to a product called polyurethane foam, also known as spray foam. … Continue Reading…

211122 Why Landlords Should Go Digital with Tax

Top Tax Tip for Landlords

A significant shift in how landlords file tax returns is looming on the horizon. Here’s what landlords need to know about the changes.

If you’re a landlord with a taxable income of more than £10,000, now’s the time to start thinking about new tax reporting rules that are coming down the line.

In April 2024, all landlords with an income of over £10K will have to comply with a scheme called Making Tax Digital (MTD).

While that deadline is 18 months away, it … Continue Reading…

141122 Why Landlords Should Have Rent Protection Insurance

Why Now Is the Right Time to Get Rent Protection Insurance

The rental market is a tough place to be, especially in the current economic climate.


With the cost of living crisis leaving many tenants feeling squeezed, now could be the right time for landlords to invest in rent protection insurance. But is it really worth it, or just another expense?


In this two-minute read, we look at rent protection insurance in detail to help you decide whether you need it. 


What is it? 

Rent protection is also known as rent guarantee insurance or landlord … Continue Reading…

161122 Why Compromise is Key to Buying a New Home

Why Compromise is the Key to Buying a New Home

Buying a home comes with a lot of dreams, needs and wants, but there’s another consideration, too – budget. Whether you’re taking your first step on the property ladder or moving on to bigger and better things, how can you make every pound count?

Maximising your budget might seem impossible; after all, a downstairs WC is a must, and you’ve always hoped for a driveway. But are these wants and desires preventing you from finding something you can actually afford?

Like everything … Continue Reading…

Toy Drive Christmas Flyer Template(1)

Christmas Toy Appeal 2022

We’re pleased to be supporting the Northants Telegraph this year with their Christmas toy appeal. By supporting us,  you can make a difference to children and families across Northamptonshire.

You can drop any new toy into any of our three branches (Rushden, Wellingborough and Irthlingborough) up until 10th December. We’re sorry but second hand toys cannot be accepted.

Richard Taylor, Director, said “We managed to receive lots of donations last year and we’d really like to beat that total this Christmas. We’re … Continue Reading…

091122 The Good Sense Guide to Wowing Buyers

The Good Sense Guide to Wowing Buyers

Homebuyers are heavily influenced by what they see, smell and hear, so here’s a guide to ensuring your property appeals to their senses. 

Did you know that when it comes to impressing a buyer, you have just half a minute to knock their socks off?

Yes, you read that right. Most buyers decide if a property is the one for them in the first 30 seconds of a viewing.

So, with so much at stake in that short time, how do you make … Continue Reading…

071122 Are Landlords Recession Proof

Why Landlords Can’t Afford to Get Lazy during a Recession

Recessions hit everyone right where it hurts: in the pocket. Everyone feels the pinch as prices rise and the cost of living spirals. Homeowners face the prospect of higher mortgage rates and rising bills. But what about landlords? Are they the Teflon of a credit crunch?

According to finance experts at Investopedia, landlords not only survive recessions, but they thrive, as renting becomes more appealing than buying in the economic downturn. After all, owning rental properties guarantees them an income, or … Continue Reading…

021122 Keep Calm and Carry On Dealing with Property Chain Uncertainty

Keep Calm and Carry On: Dealing with Property Chain Uncertainty

The economic events of recent months have prompted plenty of to-ing and fro-ing in the housing market.

While some buyers and sellers in the area have paused to consider their situations, others have put their foot on the gas to get deals swiftly across the line.

While this flurry of activity may be making headlines in national newspapers, it’s important to remember that property chain uncertainty is nothing new. Over the past few years, the average number of sales falling through before completion … Continue Reading…