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310523 Should You Sell Your Home to a Loved One

Why Selling Your Property to a Family Member Could Be a Very Bad Decision

If you’re selling a property, you might think that selling to one of your nearest and dearest is the answer. After all, they know what they’re buying, you’ll save on professional fees, and the home you love will be left in good hands.

But is it really that simple? Unfortunately, no.

In this quick read, we look at some of the things that could go (very) wrong if you’re thinking about selling to a family member or friend.

Why sell to family/friends?

There are … Continue Reading…

240523 Why a Mortgage Broker Could Make Your Property Purchase Stress-Free

Why a Mortgage Broker Could Make Your Property Purchase Stress-Free

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to remortgage your property, getting a good mortgage deal is probably top on your list of priorities.

You could lose hours scrolling through comparison sites, frantically searching for high street lenders’ deals, and trying to find your latest payslips. Or you could do the sensible thing and get a professional’s help.

In this quick read, we look at why a mortgage broker could help you buy your dream home while saving you time and hassle.

1) … Continue Reading…

220523 Guide to Garden Maintenance for Landlords and Tenants (1)

Garden Maintenance: Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities Explained

Garden maintenance can be a thorny issue between tenants and landlords, so here’s a useful guide to help avoid confusion.

Now that spring is here, there are lots of tasks to be done in the garden, such as watering, weeding and mowing.

But if the garden is part of a rental property, who is responsible for doing them?

That’s a question that has vexed many tenants and landlords over the years (garden maintenance is the cause of about a quarter of all deposit … Continue Reading…


Renters’ Reform Bill: What Landlords Need to Know

After a four-year wait and lots of speculation, a wide-ranging plan to overhaul the rental sector was finally presented to Parliament this week.

The Renters’ Reform Bill includes changes to eviction laws, the creation of a Private Rental Ombudsman to resolve disputes and measures to speed up the existing court process.

The bill will now be scrutinised by MPs and members of the House of Lords, so is subject to change.

But here’s a brief rundown of the proposals as they stand and … Continue Reading…

170523 Sales Progression How a Good Agent Can Stop Your Deal Falling Through

How do estate agents help property sales progress?

Want to guard against the disappointment of having your property deal collapse? Then go with an agent who is skilled at sales progression.

Selling a property is a bit like a football match – it’s a game of two halves.

The first half centres on finding a buyer and agreeing a deal, and the second half is about making that deal a reality.

Most buyers are familiar with the wheeling and dealing that goes on in the first part of the process … Continue Reading…

150523 How to Prevent Mould and Condensation in Your Rental Property

How to Prevent Mould and Condensation in Your Rental Property

How can landlords and tenants combat condensation and mould? Read on to find out.

Condensation and mould

The two are often bundled together because if you’ve got condensation, there’s a good chance it won’t be long before you’re battling mould.

Condensation can be caused by warm air hitting cold surfaces or by lots of humidity in the air. The air cools and droplets form, creating a damp environment – and a perfect breeding ground for mould.

Mould grows in black, green or brown … Continue Reading…

010523 Why Squirrels Aren’t Cute

How a Cute Fluffy Squirrel Could Cost You Thousands

What’s cute, has a bushy tail and could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to a rental property? Unfortunately, as sweet as they may seem, squirrels and their nests can be a nightmare for landlords and tenants.

Once those little grey beasts make themselves at home in a property, you’ve got trouble ahead. A report by general insurers LV= found that claims caused by squirrel infestations jumped up by 51% last year.

Why do the furry critters do so much damage? … Continue Reading…

030523 Why Staging Your Property Could Help You Sell It

Why Staging Your Property Could Help You Sell It

Switch on any property show and you’ll see a beautifully styled home with no clutter, immaculate worktops, artfully thrown cushions and shelves full of dust-free ornaments – a dream home (even if completely incompatible with a busy life).

However, beautiful home interiors aren’t just for TV. More and more property sellers are choosing to ‘stage’ their homes to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

While home staging has always been done in America and is common for new-build show homes, it’s … Continue Reading…