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Mid-Year Report

As we hit the mid-point in the year it is fair to say the housing market has experienced significant change in the past six months. The number of sales agreed has declined which has resulted in buyers having more choice of properties to buy than in recent years. Currently between the towns of Wellingborough, Irthlingborough and Rushden there are over 700 properties available to buyers.

Thirteen months of consecutive interest rate rises by the Bank of England is now taking its … Continue Reading…

280623 Is Self-Building Really Worth It

Is Self-Building Really Worth It?

Come on, we’ve all done it. Switched onto a property programme and fallen into the daydream of building our very own house. A walk-in wardrobe, a home cinema, a room just for shoes… sounds great, doesn’t it? But what’s the reality of a self-build project?

On the one hand, building your own home seems like a great way to get everything you’ve ever wanted out of a property. On the other, are you really prepared for all that comes with building … Continue Reading…

260623 Should You Be Friends with Your Tenants

Keep It Formal – Why You Should Maintain a Professional Relationship with Tenants

As a landlord, it’s important to build a good relationship with tenants. You want them to feel comfortable in their new home and to care for it, pay rent on time and generally have a successful tenancy period. But what makes a good relationship?

Unless you’re renting a property out to friends or family, it’s likely you won’t have met your tenants before. So, while it’s important to introduce yourself and maintain a good line of communication, there is a danger … Continue Reading…

210623 Buying a Probate Property

Buying a Probate Property: What Buyers Need to Know

Picture this: After a long and exhausting property search you finally find the home that’s just right for you. But then the estate agent mentions that it’s a ‘probate property’ and you’re left scratching your head.

While it’s a term that you’ve heard before, you’re not entirely sure what it means and if it could scupper your homebuying plans.

Well, let us explain.

What is probate?
When a person dies, the assets that they owned in their sole name can’t immediately be sold off … Continue Reading…

020920 Value

How Reducing Your Plastic Waste Could Save You Money

Recycling is part of our everyday lives: at home, in the workplace, at school, in cafés and restaurants. We’re all more aware than ever of the importance of recycling, but how about stepping up a gear and really trying to reduce our use of plastic?

Ask yourself this, and answer honestly. Do you do enough to protect the environment?

Well, 16 June is the perfect opportunity as it’s World Refill Day – a global campaign to prevent plastic pollution and help people … Continue Reading…

140623 Why Some Plants Are a Disaster for Sellers

Why Some Plants Are a Disaster for Sellers

Post pandemic, having outside space has taken on a whole new level of importance and can add significant value to a property. But what happens when your garden oasis threatens the chance of selling your home?

Some lush green plants might look nice but could signal trouble for a house sale.

In this quick read, we look at the plants that may impact your selling price.

1. Japanese Knotweed

The number one culprit for knocking value off homes is Japanese Knotweed, which can grow … Continue Reading…

120623 Is Renting Better Than Buying

Is Renting Better Than Buying?

The pitfalls of renting are always shouted about: too expensive, dodgy landlords, broken appliances and so on and so on. But what about the positives?

With rental reforms on the horizon and changes to eviction rules in full swing, let’s explore why being a tenant is the best choice for some people.

According to research by the HomeOwners Alliance, 86% of people want to own their own home. But sometimes, the dream of buying just doesn’t make sense. High interest rates, a … Continue Reading…

070623 The Benefits of Selling to a First-Time Buyer – and How to Attract Them

The Benefits of Selling to a First-Time Buyer – and How to Attract Them

First-time buyers are key drivers in the property market and could be the ideal candidate to purchase your home. So, are you doing enough to target them?

They might not have the instant allure of a cash buyer, but dig a little deeper, and it quickly becomes clear that first-time buyers (FTBs) have an awful lot going for them.

In fact, they could be the best option when it comes to finding a buyer. So, let’s look at the pros of dealing … Continue Reading…

050623 Why You Should Make Energy Improvements to Your Rental in Summer

Why You Should Make Energy Improvements to Your Rental in Summer

With summer officially starting in a few weeks, most people will have banished all thoughts of winter and the dark, damp days that go with it.

But there’s a good reason why landlords should look beyond the sunny skies of the here and now to the colder months.

And here’s why.

Summer is a good time to get your property ready for winter by making changes that will improve its energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

Here are three reasons why retrofitting in summer … Continue Reading…