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Market Review

The Bank of England meet again on Thursday 2nd November with many mortgage borrowers keeping a closer eye than usual on the outcome. The hope is that interest rates will remain unchanged for the second time in succession which will restore some much-needed confidence to a fragile housing market.

The volume of available properties for sale is still increasing which dilutes every seller’s chance of finding a buyer. Prices over the past year have fallen but many sellers are still trying … Continue Reading…

301023 Exorcising Ghoulish Rental Myths

Tricks or Treats? Demystifying Rental Myths for Landlords This Halloween

In this Halloween Special, we look at five scary things landlords need to be mindful of to avoid nightmares.

The ghostly guarantee of quick tenants

Some letting agents will convince landlords that finding tenants is a quick and painless process. However, rushing it without proper checks and considerations can lead to choosing the wrong tenant. Patience and due diligence will save you from a frightening future filled with unexpected issues.

The curse of the bad tenant

Many landlords dread being trapped in a lease … Continue Reading…

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A Horror Story ALL Homeowners need to read

In this terrifying three-minute true story, we reveal how a local family endured a nightmare experience when selling their home.

In the beginning

The Thomas family were like many you’ll know living close by.

There was mum, dad, two young children and a black cat called Lucky.

They were popular with their neighbours and active members of the local community.

And that’s why people were disappointed to learn they were selling up and moving on due to Mr Thomas getting a new job in another part … Continue Reading…

251023 Why Now, More Than Ever, You Need an Expert Estate Agent

Why Now, More Than Ever, You Need an Expert Estate Agent

Remember those post-lockdown days when selling a property was as easy as putting it on a property portal and waiting for the phone to ring off the hook?

Those days are behind us.

The selling market has become increasingly challenging, demanding more than just a ‘For Sale’ sign outside and that property portal listing.

Today, selling a home in Wellingborough, Irthlingborough or Rushden requires skill, expertise, hard work and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape and financial climate.

The good news is if … Continue Reading…


Richard James wins award at The ESTAS, the most prestigious awards in the UK property sector

The Richard James branches in Wellingborough & Irthlingborough received the Best in Postcode Award for sales and the Wellingborough branch also won the Bronze Regional Award for sales in the East Midlands at the prestigious ESTAS Customer Service Awards 2023 sponsored by Coadjute, the biggest awards in the UK property industry.

The winners were announced at the largest event in the property industry at the Grosvenor House in London and hosted by the country’s favourite TV property presenter Phil Spencer in … Continue Reading…

231023 The Landlord, the Tenant and the Insurance A Real-Life Warning

The Landlord, the Tenant and the Insurance: A Real-Life Warning

For landlords in Wellingborough, Irthlingborough and Rushden, having the right insurance coverage is not just a box to tick. It’s an essential safeguard for your investments.

But simply having insurance is not enough; understanding the policy’s specific requirements and declaring everything accurately is crucial.

In the following cautionary tale, we’ll explore a real-life incident involving a landlord who learned this lesson the hard way.

The names and details have been changed, but the lessons remain valuable for all landlords.

The story

A diligent landlord, let’s call … Continue Reading…

181023 Myth-Busting Valuations An Honest Guide for Homeowners

Don’t Fall for These Valuation Myths

In this quick read, we delve into the importance of accurate valuations – and how to price your property with precision.

Don’t be tricked into high listing prices

The saying “stick it on high and wait for offers” is a common myth that doesn’t align with current market trends. A listing will gain the most attention within the first 48 hours of going live. If priced too high, prospective buyers will ignore it, and it may be viewed as an unworthy purchase. … Continue Reading…

161023 Is Your Rental Being Used for Criminal Activity Here Are the Signs

Is Your Rental Being Used for Criminal Activity? Here’s What to Look for

It’s every landlord’s worst nightmare: you discover the people you thought were trusted tenants are actually crooks using your property for illegal activity.

As a result, you face hefty repair bills, loss of income and a battle with your insurer. You may also find yourself at the centre of a police investigation.

Now, this is a worst-case scenario; most tenants are law-abiding, so there’s no need to panic.

But it’s still worth being on your guard for the signs that something isn’t quite … Continue Reading…

111023 Five Property-Hunting Tips for Homebuyers

Five Property-Hunting Tips for Homebuyers

Buying a home is a huge decision – possibly one of the biggest you’ll make in your lifetime (no pressure then).

And to ensure you make a wise choice that suits your needs now and into the future, it pays to give the process a bit of thought before you start arranging viewings.

Here are five property-hunting tips that could save you time and money.

Do your homework

Once you’ve identified where you want to live, it’s essential to gain a realistic understanding of … Continue Reading…

091023 Market Update What’s Happening in the Private Rental Sector

Market Update: What’s Happening in the Private Rental Sector

After a challenging 12 months for the economy, how is the private rental sector faring, and what lies ahead for buy-to-let landlords?

In this market analysis, we look at some facts and figures to give you an accurate update on the private rental sector.


Demand for rentals is running hot. It’s up 3% on 2022 levels and a whopping 42% higher than in 20191. Reasons for this include first-time buyers struggling to get on the property ladder (an issue made worse by … Continue Reading…