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Market Review – 1st Quarter

We are already a quarter way through the year and Q1 has been a bit stop and start. The beginning of the year started particularly well with more activity from both sellers and buyers than in recent years. Nationally, January saw more sellers coming to the market than in any of the previous 8 years and sales were up over 17% against 2023.

However, February was a bit of a contrast, generally activity was down and confidence was lower, possibly because … Continue Reading…

250324 How to Protect Your Rental from this Common Cause of Property Damage

How to Protect Your Rental from This Common Cause of Property Damage

What’s the most common reason for landlords finding themselves in hot water and needing to make an insurance claim?

The answer, according to one insurance company* at least, is ‘escape of water’. This term covers everything from burst pipes and defective washing machines to leaky loos and dripping taps.

In a recent report, the firm revealed that 35.5% of all claims paid to landlords were related to water damage.

And while most claims totalled a few thousand pounds**, some were for much, much … Continue Reading…

200324 How Home Sellers Can Spot Unethical Estate Agent Tactics

How to Spot an Unethical Estate Agent

Selling your home is a significant life event, and the last thing you want is to be misled by the unscrupulous practices of a minority of estate agents.

These agents and their actions give the industry a bad name.

We’ve no time for them, and neither should you.

The good news is we’re about to shine a light on some of those practices so you can look out for them and act to avoid agents who use them.

Homeowners deserve transparency and fairness when … Continue Reading…

180324 Inherited a Rental Property Here Are Your Options (1)

Inherited a Rental Property? Here Are Your Options

If you’ve just inherited a rental property, then you may be wondering what your options are.

While you won’t need to make any decisions on the spot (it usually takes many months to settle an estate), it’s good to start thinking about the issues you’ll have to address in time.

The first is what you intend to do with the property. Assuming you don’t want to move in yourself, your options are to:

Continue to rent the property out. That way, you’ll earn … Continue Reading…

Selling in spring EACC 180224

Thinking of Selling in Spring? Here Are Five Questions to Ask an Estate Agent

If you’re mulling over a move this spring, there are several key decisions to make.

Choosing the right estate agent to sell your home is one of the most important.

To help you make an informed decision, here are five important questions to ask any estate agent:

1. What process do you use to value my home accurately?

How an agent values your property reveals their market knowledge and commitment to getting you the best possible price. An experienced agent should provide a comprehensive … Continue Reading…

Relocation Agent Network map RJ

Where Many Real Buyers Come From – National Connections

One of the myths of selling a property is “put it on the internet and the buyers will flock to you”.

Sellers have found out the hard way this is not true. Buyers may use the internet to make an initial approach to an estate agent but more often than not buyers are introduced to properties by a physical conversation with estate agent’s staff.

All the technology and automation we have at our disposal are great tools for generating leads but the … Continue Reading…

Top Tips for Selling in Spring EACC 180224

Seven Super Simple Tips to Sell Successfully this Spring

Spring is the season of renewal and rejuvenation, making it an ideal time to put your property on the market.

With the days getting longer and the weather warming up, potential buyers are traditionally more inclined to start their search for a new home.

To ensure your property stands out in the competitive spring market, here are seven key steps to prepare your home for a successful sale.

Each of these steps combines tried-and-tested techniques with a sprinkle of seasonal savvy, aiming to … Continue Reading…


Why Accurate Pricing Is So Important – Especially in Spring

Introducing the Goldilocks Principle

When valuing a home with a view to selling in the spring, it’s easy to be tempted to set your price too high, hoping to cash in on a bigger profit.

Alternatively, some may go too low, with the aim of a quick sale.

But as we’ve learned over the years, the ‘Goldilocks Principle’ of property pricing is fundamental to your success.

It’s particularly relevant in the spring, as there’s a window of opportunity due to potential buyers awakening from … Continue Reading…

060324 Five Property Books for Buyers and Sellers

Five Books to Help You Seal Your Dream Property Deal

A great property deal can set you up for life and allow you to leave a legacy for your family.

But a bad deal or no deal (if you miss out on your dream home) will haunt you for years.

So, how can buyers and sellers ensure they come out on top in the property game?

Working with a great estate agent who understands the local market certainly helps – we’d go so far as to say it’s the most crucial factor.

But it’s … Continue Reading…

040324 Five-Step Landlord Inspection Checklist

Landlord’s Five-Step Inspection Checklist

Maintaining a rental property isn’t just about collecting rent; it’s about safeguarding your investment and keeping your tenants happy and safe.

That’s why regular property inspections are so crucial.

They help you spot potential issues before they become costly repairs and ensure your property remains a place people are proud to call their home.

Here’s the lowdown on the five key areas you need to focus on during your inspections:

Structural integrity: Let’s talk about the ‘bones’ of your property. Look for any cracks in … Continue Reading…