Where Many Real Buyers Come From – National Connections

Relocation Agent Network map RJOne of the myths of selling a property is “put it on the internet and the buyers will flock to you”.

Sellers have found out the hard way this is not true. Buyers may use the internet to make an initial approach to an estate agent but more often than not buyers are introduced to properties by a physical conversation with estate agent’s staff.

All the technology and automation we have at our disposal are great tools for generating leads but the person-to-person conversation is generally how the estate agent learns what a buyer is really looking for.

This can start at the initial point of considering to move at the valuation appointment. The prospective seller will advise the estate agent for their future plans and where they want to move to. This will enable the agent to help at the earliest stage.

If the client wants to move locally, we can offer them properties we have for sale, however if the client wants to move away from the area, we are able to assist by asking one of our Relocation Agent Network offices to talk to them.

We have an association with approximately 650 offices around the UK so normally we are able to put the customer in touch with an experienced estate agent who can advise on the area, amenities, transport links and local community. This is the sort of information buyers want to know when considering moving to a new area. This is information which is hard to obtain accurately from the internet but more meaningful by talking to an agent.

One of our experienced Relocation Network Agents will be able to recommend properties based on qualified knowledge and understanding.

Richard James will also receive leads from the potential buyers who are currently living further way but looking to relocate into Northamptonshire. Our Relocation Agent Network colleagues ask us to discuss our local area and suggest suitable properties to new buyers coming to our area.

Many of our buyers are leads which come from our membership of Relocation Agent Network, this is something that is unique to us and something none of our competitors are able to offer. So often it is the case we sell a property to a buyer moving into the area who has been referred to us by one of our associated 650 offices.

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