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150724 Common Rental Terms Every Renter Needs to Know

Common Rental Terms Every Renter Needs to Know

Lettings terminology can be confusing, especially if you’re new to renting.

So, here’s a jargon-busting list of commonly used rental terms to help you navigate the lettings market*.



An agent is a person who acts on behalf of the property owner (i.e. the landlord). Agents can be involved in letting activities such as finding tenants, tenant referencing and the day-to-day management of the property.


If a tenant fails to pay some or all of their rent when it’s due (as specified in the … Continue Reading…

Sellers version-100724 What Sellers Should Disclose When Listing a Property Man

Material Information: What Wellingborough, Irthlingborough & Rushden Sellers Need to Know

Before you list your home, be prepared for your estate agent to go on a fact-finding mission.

They’ll ask you lots of questions about your property because they’re following industry best practice by compiling what’s known as ‘material information’.

This is defined as “information which the average consumer needs, according to the context, to make an informed transactional decision”.*

In other words, material information saves everyone time by letting buyers know as much as possible about a property from the outset.

It helps prevent … Continue Reading…

080724 Eight Things to Consider if a Tenant Abandons Your Rental Man

Eight Things to Consider if a Tenant Abandons Your Rental


Property abandonment is a rare but complex issue that, if mishandled, can get a landlord in legal trouble.

So, let’s look at the key things to consider if a tenant abandons your rental without notice.

What is abandonment?

When a tenant leaves a rental before the end of their contract (usually without notifying the landlord), it’s called abandonment.

If a landlord suspects their tenant has ‘done a runner’, then it’s important that they follow these tips.

Talk to an expert

If you think you’re dealing with tenancy … Continue Reading…

010724 The Future of Lettings AI’s Role in AREA’s Rental Market

The Future of Lettings? AI’s Role in the Rental Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making tsunami-like waves across various industries, and the UK rental sector is no exception.

For landlords, understanding how AI might shape the future of property management is important for maximising their investment and protecting their assets.

Here’s a glimpse into the potential changes AI could bring while also highlighting the importance of letting agents in handling the human aspects of renting out your property.

Smarter property management

AI can revolutionise property management by automating routine tasks. Smart maintenance systems powered … Continue Reading…

030624 Warning Danger Ahead! Signs of Tenant Trouble at Your Rental Property

Rental Red Flags: Warning Signs Landlords Should Look Out For

If you’re a landlord, you can probably think of nothing worse than your rental sitting empty.

The prospect of covering the mortgage and utility bills in between tenancies may keep you awake at night.

And there are security implications too: a lengthy void period may invalidate your landlord insurance and increase the risk of squatters moving in.

But in a desire to get new tenants in, it’s essential you don’t let your guard down.

Because while an empty rental is bad, having a tenant … Continue Reading…

200524 How to Perfectly Price Your Rental Property

How to Perfectly Price Your Rental Property

Setting the correct rental price for your property is essential to attract the best tenants and maximise the return on your investment.

Too high, and you won’t get that all-important awareness and interest.

Too low, and you’ll be out of pocket.

Here are five key considerations every landlord should keep in mind when setting the rent for their rental property.

Market research: Before setting your rent, make sure you understand the local rental market in your area. Look at similar properties in terms of … Continue Reading…

220424 Top Tips for Attracting High-Quality Tenants

Top Tips for Attracting High-Quality Tenants

Some landlords, actually many, have an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach to their rental property’s upkeep.

But by proactively refurbishing and modernising your rental properties, you can realise a host of benefits that will attract premium tenants and add long-term value to your investment.

Here are seven ways why, and how, astute property upgrades benefit forward-thinking landlords.

Attract premium tenants: By upgrading your rental, you ensure it meets high standards, making it more likely to be rented quickly, thus minimising … Continue Reading…

150424 How Landlords Can Get the Best from Their Letting Agent

Landlords, Get the Best from Your Letting Agent by following These Simple Steps

If you’re a landlord looking to save time and money (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), a good letting agent can be a game-changer.

They’ll manage your rental property day to day (so you’re free to focus on your other responsibilities), regularly check in with your tenants (to ensure there are no issues) and remind you of your legal obligations.

A top letting agent can also look ahead and, drawing on their industry experience, advise you on your long-term investment strategy.

But, as … Continue Reading…

010424 Landlords Slash Your Property Void Spells

Landlords: Slash Your Property Void Spells

Owning a rental property isn’t just about what happens while tenants are in place; effectively managing periods when your property is unoccupied is equally important.

Every landlord faces void periods as a natural part of property letting, making it essential to prepare financially and strategically to manage its impact.

Void periods mean not only the loss of rental income but also the burden of continuing to pay the mortgage, utilities (including standing charges) and council tax without money coming in from tenants.

It … Continue Reading…

250324 How to Protect Your Rental from this Common Cause of Property Damage

How to Protect Your Rental from This Common Cause of Property Damage

What’s the most common reason for landlords finding themselves in hot water and needing to make an insurance claim?

The answer, according to one insurance company* at least, is ‘escape of water’. This term covers everything from burst pipes and defective washing machines to leaky loos and dripping taps.

In a recent report, the firm revealed that 35.5% of all claims paid to landlords were related to water damage.

And while most claims totalled a few thousand pounds**, some were for much, much … Continue Reading…