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030720 Open

Three ways to show the small business owners of Wellingborough, Irthlingborough and Rushden some love

We share some ideas on how you can help your local shops and businesses through these difficult times.

One of the most remarkable things about the Covid-19 crisis is the way communities in Northamptonshire have pulled together. People have stepped up and supported their neighbours, the vulnerable and the NHS.

As we enter a new phase of this pandemic – let’s dare to call it post-lockdown (touch wood) – we mustn’t lose that sense of community spirit. Yes, we may be weary, we may … Continue Reading…

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13 Ways Lockdown Changed People’s Habits

As we get used to the ‘new normal’, we take a quick look back at how people’s habits dramatically changed during the lockdown—a 2-minute read.

Recently The Sunday Times published a fascinating collection of statistics around how the lives of people in the UK transformed during lockdown.

We’ve broken it down into four sections – Health, wealth, happiness and of course, homes.

These national trends have been reflected across Wellingborough, Irthlingborough and Rushden.

*Figures are comparing April with March 2020 and sourced from John … Continue Reading…

260620 lighthouse

Five feelgood property stories to make you smile

A feelgood Friday property special – A 2-minute read.

Eggs-citing design

Architects have designed a floating chicken farm. Yes, really. The three-storey creation will nestle on a concrete pontoon in a Rotterdam waterway, in The Netherlands. It will house 7,000 hens, an egg processing plant, and a cress farm.

So, what do the neighbours think?

As the chicken farm will go next to an existing floating dairy, we don’t expect them to have any beef with the plans.

Market rebounds

New figures from the Zoopla Property … Continue Reading…

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Top tips to prepare your property for marketing photos

We look at how best to prepare your property for those all-important marketing photographs.

If you’re putting your house or flat on the market for sale or rent, there is one thing you can do to make an immediate impact.

To maximise your chances of securing the best possible deal, spend time preparing your property before it is photographed for promotional purposes.

You wouldn’t turn up to an important job interview wearing an old pair of track pants and a stained vest (we … Continue Reading…

2206 wimbledon 2

Are you getting ace estate agency service or double faults?

We look at the similarities between tennis and how we deliver exceptional service for our clients.

Next Monday the All England Lawn Tennis Championship was set to start.

Wimbledon’s hallowed courts were to welcome the very best players on planet Earth.

But like many of the sporting, social and cultural events across the UK, it’s been cancelled.

While we can’t sit back and watch the likes of Federer, the Williams sisters, Nadal, and the Murray brothers, we can explore why great estate agency shares … Continue Reading…

150520 Garden love

Our Top Ten Feelgood Stories from Lockdown

Three months is a long time when you’re in lockdown. Today, we look back at some of the feelgood stories and snippets that cheered us up during this extraordinary period.

Clapping for the NHS

We Brits are usually quite reserved, so it was quite something to see so many people out on the streets clapping, cheering, and banging saucepans for the NHS. The first Clap for Carers took place on Thursday, March 26. It went on to become a regular fixture … Continue Reading…

180620 Sleepy dog

Eight awesome ways to get the joy back in your life

Today we share eight things you can do to add a bit more joy into your life and your home.

The past three months have been a challenging period for all of us.

With soaring levels of anxiety, uncertainty, and loneliness, it feels as if a lot of joy has been sucked out of our lives.

The good news is there are some simple things we can do to put a fresh spring into our steps and improve the way our homes feel.

Try … Continue Reading…

1406 Star-Tek

How Covid-19 Changed the Property Market

Today, we unveil how Covid-19 has changed people’s property priorities.

Space may well have been the final frontier for the crew of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek, but it’s also made the news recently much closer to home.

According to a BBC report based on data from property portal Rightmove the Covid-19 induced lockdown has changed people’s priorities when it comes to buying or renting a new home.

Indoor and outdoor space has always been a big draw for home searchers. But … Continue Reading…

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Enjoy our weekly dose of positive news

Here’s a dose of good news to lift your mood this Feelgood Friday.

Pedal Power

The number of Brits cycling has skyrocketed. New official figures reveal a 100% increase in people cycling on weekdays and a whopping 200% rise on weekends during lockdown. The trend has been welcomed by environmentalists, fitness campaigners and bike shops – where sales have gone through the roof. Such is the demand that bike stocks are running low, prompting some to say, “bikes are the new toilet … Continue Reading…

110620 singing

Five ‘musical’ tips to get your home ready for summer

Discover the simple things you can do to get your property ready for sale or rent this summer. We promise you it’ll be music to your ears. A 90-second Fast Thursday read.

Amid all the Covid-19 chaos that’s blighted our lives during the past three months, let’s hope brighter days are on the horizon. Literally.

‘Summer, summer, summertime’ officially starts on Saturday 20 June, and these tuneful tips below will help you prepare for it, especially if you are planning to sell … Continue Reading…