210823 How to Make the End of a Tenancy Run Smoothly

How to Make the End of Tenancy Run Smoothly

As a landlord, one of your main goals is to make sure your property is tenanted. As soon as the old tenants decide they’re moving on, it’s time to find new renters to move in.

But while you’ll be keen for a quick turnaround, it’s also important that things are done properly (cutting corners will cause you problems in the long run).

Not only will you want to end the initial tenancy correctly, but you’ll also want to start the next one … Continue Reading…

160823 Why Good Property Photos Are an Essential Step in the Sales Process

Why Good Property Photos Are an Essential Step in the Sales Process

It’s often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but then (confusingly), it’s also said that first impressions count… Why are all these clichés so important? Well, when marketing a property, it’s a bit of both: how a property looks will catch a buyer’s eye before they pore over the finer details.

Photos of your property are what hooks the buyer, what drives them to pick up the phone to arrange a viewing, and what helps them imagine … Continue Reading…

040823 Cut the Clutter Great Storage Tips for Your Home

Cut the Clutter: Great Storage Tips for Your Home

Close your eyes and picture your dream home. What do you see?

A home that’s light, spacious and orderly? Or one that’s chaotic and cluttered with objects piled high and shoes and clothes strewn on the floor (along with bits of Lego that you inevitably tread on).

The first scenario is the one that most people aspire to – and for good reason.

Research shows that when our environment is tidy, we’re less anxious and more productive. In contrast, we feel more distracted … Continue Reading…

090823 Buying a Property in 2023 What You Need to Know

Buying a Property in 2023: What You Need to Know

Buying a new home is a big step that comes with lots of considerations. Finding the right property in a good location at a price you’re willing to pay isn’t always easy and can take time.

But when you finally move into your new place to start the next chapter of your life, all the hard work is worth it.

Here are some factors to consider if you’re considering buying in 2023.

Shifting market

The property market has made headline news recently, but it’s … Continue Reading…

070823 The Dangers of a DIY Tenancy Agreement

The Dangers of a DIY Tenancy Agreement

Type ‘tenancy agreement’ into Google and you’ll get thousands of results offering free online templates and guides to writing your own rental contract.

So why bother using a letting agent to sort out the tenancy agreement if you can do it yourself? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, quite a lot. Hastily downloading a template from the internet and high-fiving yourself for a job well done could prove to be a costly mistake.

It might not become apparent for months or even years, … Continue Reading…

020823 Thinking about Downsizing Here are Five Things to Consider

Thinking about Downsizing? Here are Five Things to Consider

The number of downsizers active in the housing market has skyrocketed in recent months*, and is it any wonder?

With steep hikes in energy bills, interest rates and inflation, many people feeling the squeeze are rethinking how – and where – they want to live.

Downsizers are often stereotyped as empty nesters flying the coop to enjoy retirement. But due to economic issues, a wider variety of homeowners are now looking to make a change.

For many of them, downsizing isn’t about starting … Continue Reading…

310723 How to Make Your Tenancy a Happy One

How to Manage Difficult Tenancy Relationships

As a landlord, as well as managing the finances, the property and any repairs or maintenance, you also have to remember to look after your tenants. Whilst nine times out of ten you’ll never have to deal with anything too difficult, sometimes relationships can be testing.

So, what’s the best way to deal with issues that arise during a tenancy? In this quick read, we look at ways to deal with such problems.

Help avoid fall-outs 

You can’t control the arguments that arise … Continue Reading…

IMG_1090 - Updated - Updated

Summer Market Review

As the housing market moves into the holiday season, activity is slowing as the masses focus on sunnier destinations. This is normal at this time of the year with an expected upturn in September once the school’s return.

However, despite interest rates rising over the past 18 months the market is still ticking over and showing signs of resilience.

Although property prices have reduced it doesn’t feel like they are going into free fall. The increase in house prices generated by the … Continue Reading…

260723 Bank of Mum and Dad What Buyers (and Their Parents) Need to Know

Bank of Mum and Dad: What Buyers (and Their Parents) Need to Know

Every year, the Bank of Mum and Dad comes to the rescue by helping tens of thousands of first-time buyers get on the housing ladder.

Last year alone, 46% of first-time buyers received financial help from their parents to purchase a property, with £8.8 billion changing hands (source: Savills).

But for parents planning to assist their offspring, or children hoping to get a helping hand, there are a few issues to consider first.

Gifting funds

• Before gifting a lump sum, parents should plan … Continue Reading…

240723 Why a Letting Agent Is an Absolute Must in These Turbulent Times

Why a Letting Agent Is an Absolute Must in These Turbulent Times

Not since 2008, when Katy Perry stormed the music charts and Gavin and Stacey ruled the small screen, have interest rates been as high as they are today.

As a result, many mortgage holders are looking for ways to trim their outgoings to ease the financial burden.

Homeowners are putting DIY projects on the back burner and reducing their spending on
holidays and takeaways, while some buy-to-let landlords are toying with the idea of self-managing their rental portfolio (despite the fact agent fees … Continue Reading…