Monthly Archives: July 2014

Britain’s biggest building society turns screws on mortgages

Britain’s biggest building society Nationwide has tightened up on its lending criteria – with a clampdown on loan to income multiples that appears to go considerably further than Bank of England guidelines.

It has also tightened its stress testing, as warnings mount on impending rises in interest rates.

As of yesterday, it capped all of its new lending to 4.75 times income. It had previously applied caps on individual cases but the new ceiling is to be applied across the board.

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The importance of kerb appeal

From the moment they arrive at a property, a potential buyer is asking themselves, ‘Could I live here?’ When it comes to buying a house, judging a book by its cover is a phrase that all sellers should be mindful of. Don’t lose the sale before the viewing has even begun!

In a recent survey by estate agent network, Relocation Agent Network, 98% of respondents (including us), recommend that sellers ensure outside areas are well presented. From painting the front door … Continue Reading…